Twin-Turbo Supercharged Nitro-Fueled Papamobile

Cyber noir arcade game

Twin-Turbo Supercharged Nitro-Fueled Papamobile is an action game, a hybrid of a platformer and a racing game, in which you steer your way through a future city in a high-performance papamobile in order to deliver a cure that could save the humanity.


You control a jumping space ship. Your only goal is to reach the destination. Avoid obstacles. Collect fuel and holy points. Outrun your enemy. Choose the best paths. The fate of mankind is in your hands.


In the distant future an unknown virus has wiped out - almost entirely - the population of the only human-inhabited planet: Vati-can-2317.

You are humanity’s only hope. You are the pope.

Your name is John Paul CCII and your scientists have just discovered a cure. You need to deliver it to World Health Organization. Get into your TWIN-TURBO SUPERCHARGED NITRO-FUELED PAPAMOBILE and do that as quickly as possible.

But beware... The rumour says that there’s a killer machine out there, sent from the past by antinatalist lizard-people, and it will do anything to stop you from saving your people.

The fight for the lives of millions had just begun.

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